Are you still unaware of the lime crime controversy?

For those who don’t have any idea on this, lime crime is a makeup brand being headed by Xenia Vorotova, aka Doe Deere. It was basically started in 2008 and from then on there has been so many lime crime scandals that most of the women might have heard about. With each type of scandals the customers of lime crime brand leaves this sparkling world and goes back to their real world. Each of the customers basically has the right to leave any brand they want to and the same thing happened with lime crime. People started to hate the brand and one by one no more women supported this brand anymore. The company has tried their best for their customers not being influenced by the ones who have left the brand but now a day the customers cannot be fooled anymore. They have better knowledge about stuffs and they are better informed about them so that they can make a better choice on what to buy and what is best for them. So, if you are still unaware of the controversy of lime crime then you can take a look below to get more detailed information on how this company cheated with their customers.

Lime crime basically purchased makeups from TBK Trading Micas and then repackaged them as lime crime products. They purchased those makeup products and poured them in different tiny pots to make their own products. You can basically find different kind of information related to the scandals of lime crime over the internet and then believe in it. After this controversy and different reviews by women, most of their customers have probably switched their makeup products and have started buying TBK eye shadows, lipsticks, and other makeup products as well. Because of they are getting the same thing from TBK then why should they buy it from lime crime and pay more than they are worth it. After this scandal got popular among everyone, the owner also started selling fewer amounts of shades of their brand. People say she might have thought that since her customers have heard about the scandal and learnt the truth, they would not buy the products anymore or she may be also tried to make her customers understand that she is not trying to repackage or anything like that. Whatever she does, it has been revealed that lime crime has been selling other branded products by giving their name and charging a higher price.

Therefore, all the women out there should consider buying other brand of makeups instead of going with the lime crime brand because it will be possibly just wasting money on them.

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